My name is Viktoria Veisbrut.
I am an artist. I specialize in art and art tattoo.
I was born in 1991 in the town of Sosensky, Kaluga region.

2009-2015 – Graphic Design, Tula State University.

The concept of art.
All my artistic ideas are aimed at visualization of my vision of the future as well as the role of the human and self-identification in it. My fantasies are based on the technological forecasts towards the
development of robotics , artificial intelligence and an upcoming technological singularity.

I often depict a relatively present period of time as a starting point of the global change and the search
of human-technology relationships.

One of the most vital aspects of the nearest future is informational overload and chaos in the
surrounding digital environment. In my artworks, representing the objects loaded with information, I ask myself a question about the safety of the phenomenon and the overall influence of this chaos on the human.

Ten years of working experience in the field of art tattoo have greatly influenced the creation of an
individual technique recognizable in the works of art.


Project INFOXICATION/ art, installation, performance/ in the process of creation
Инсталляция и живописные работы, представленные в
рамках проекта «Infoxication» - это демонстрация
одной из важнейших социальных проблем нашего
времени, переизбытка бесполезной или даже вредной
информации в окружающей среде, которая
открывается нам в просторах телевидения и
интернета, наполненная правдивыми и ложными
данными, чужими размышлениями и правилами

Перформанс, представленный в рамках этого проекта, будет представлять из себя один из способов психологической работы с информационным хаосом и отбора полезной информации.
Selected exhibitions:
2015 –Biennale " Search and experiment in art", Kaluga, Russia
2016 –"Final – 2016", Personal, The Cultural Centre of Innovations, Kaluga, Russia
2019 –Residence "TAOHUATANPAN' , China
2019 –"The TAOHUATANPAN 4 th International artist exhibition", Hefei, China
2019 –"Seven Lives" The Cultural Centre of Innovations, Kaluga, Russia
2019 –"INFOXICATION", Personal, Russia